About Us

Our main goal of teaching Russian within our schools is the formation of balanced bilingualism. We provide the development of a unique system of communicative tools for pupils in the framework of everyday life. The entire learning process of our specially designed curriculum is aimed at practical knowledge of the language, the development of verbal and written skills, and the improvement of social and cultural proficiency.

Our schools are named after Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, the founder of modern Russian literature and one of the greatest poets in Russian history. Pushkin’s work is an inspiration to us and our collaborators at Moscow’s Pushkin State Institute. Over the last few years, the institute has developed textbooks that we use in each of our classes. These textbooks are exclusively designed for children brought up in the United Kingdom. We prepare our pupils to be able to read and understand Pushkin’s works in their original form.

We currently have three Saturday schools located in High WycombeHemel Hempstead and Southend-on-Sea, and two Sunday schools in Bracknell and Chelmsford

Thanks to the support from RUDN University, Pushkin State Institute and the Scientific Methodical Russian Speech Centre, we use a unique teaching system that allows our trained teachers to make the most of class time. Our pupils undertake tests specific to their ability at the end of each academic year which provides them with a certificate, allowing further progress in a more advanced curriculum the following year. The certificate gives our students an objective grade, which is an effective source of preparation and motivation for future GCSE and A-Level study.

Throughout this academic year we offer group trips to Moscow during school holidays, where our students take part in intensive courses. This is a brilliant opportunity for our students to develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in a Russian-speaking environment. We also offer group trips to the “Yuri Gagarin” Private Secondary School, situated at Kamchia (a Health and Wellness complex owned by the Government of Moscow), in Bulgaria. Kamchia is a beautiful area on the Black Sea coast, surrounded by a breathtaking nature reserve. The students will be constantly supervised by our teachers and the staff at Kamchia, and they will follow a well-structured and enjoyable programme designed specifically for Pushkin's School. Additional details on the holiday trips to Moscow and Kamchia will be available on this website very soon!

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