Pupil and Parent Code of Conduct (2019-2020)

Date agreed: December 2019.

Date of next review: July 2020.

Approved by: Elena Vlasenko (School Director)


This code of conduct serves to:

  • make learning a pleasant and engaging experience for every pupil;

  • contribute to a safe and stimulating environment where our pupils feel valued and respected;

  • provide the expectations of the conduct of all parents and carers in our school community; and

  • ensure that our Health and Safety arrangements are being strictly followed.


Pupil Code of Conduct

Pushkin’s School aims to make teaching and learning as efficient and enjoyable as possible, bringing great results for all pupils. Our teachers always treat pupils with politeness and respect, and so we ask our pupils to reciprocate this behaviour to the school staff and fellow pupils. This would ensure that everyone can learn at their full potential, providing a rewarding experience for the whole class. Any serious violations of our rules will be reported to the School Director (Elena Vlasenko) or the School Manager (Olga Kisil), who will notify the relevant parent(s) and promptly resolve the situation. 

These are the rules, procedures and expectations we expect all our pupils to follow:

  • Your main priority is to learn – distractions should be avoided as they negatively impact yourself and the rest of the class.

  • Be ready to work at the beginning of each class.

  • Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself and never intentionally harm another pupil.

  • Always use school-appropriate language while maintaining friendly and courteous behaviour.

  • Be polite, honest and respectful to everyone including pupils, teachers, parents and visitors.

  • Follow your teacher’s instructions, class rules and expectations.

  • Complete the given homework on time and to the best of your ability. Homework is an essential part of our learning process.

  • Do not be a bully. If you see someone being bullied, please report it to a teacher.

  • Any form of physical violence or aggression will not be tolerated, and further action will be taken.

  • Do not become a distraction for others, instead work together and encourage each other.

  • Only move/play with objects/toys that the teacher has specifically allowed you to use. Please put these objects back where you found them after finishing using them.

  • Be careful and safe on the playground, do not put yourself at risk of injury.

  • Keep the school area clean and tidy, do not litter during break and lunch times.

  • Avoid areas which are deemed out of bounds. If you see another pupil going to these areas, please report it to a teacher immediately.

  • Do not bring forbidden items into school. Mobile phones are permitted but should not be used during class.

  • Everyone is encouraged to be present and prompt. Regular school attendance is necessary for your success as consistency provides the best possible benefits for your educational experience.


Parent/Carer Code of Conduct

Pushkin’s School is very proud and fortunate to have a dedicated and supportive school community. The staff, parents and carers all recognise that the education of our children is a partnership between us. We expect everyone to value our school ethos, keep the school tidy, and set a good example for their own behaviour on the school premises. For our school to remain a secure, safeguarded environment, we kindly ask parents and carers to follow our rules and procedures. Parents and carers must:

  • Work with the school to resolve difficulties in a constructive manner, through open and positive dialogue. Where issues arise or misconceptions take place, please contact the School Director (Elena Vlasenko) or School Manager (Olga Kisil) who will be available to meet with you, go through the issue, and hopefully resolve it. Where issues remain unsolved, please follow our Complaints Procedure. This procedure is available on our website (www.pushkinsrussianschool.co.uk/policies) or a copy can be requested from the School Director and School Manager.

  • Make sure that you have given your most up to date contact details to the School Director or the School Manager.

  • Respect the ethos of our school whenever on school premises or when communicating directly with the school.

  • Demonstrate that all members of the school community should be treated with tolerance and respect.

  • Set a good example in your own speech, conduct and behaviour.

  • Seek to clarify a child’s version of events with the school’s view in order to bring about a peaceful solution to any issue.

  • Correct your child’s behaviour in public where it could otherwise lead to conflict, aggressive behaviour or unsafe behaviour.

  • Park safely on the school premises when dropping off and picking up your children.

  • Ensure that your child has arrived with a packed lunch and a water bottle.

  • Contact the School Director or School Manager if you are expecting to arrive late.

  • If the person dropping off your child is not the parent/carer, the School Director or School Manager must be contacted in the morning of the school day.

  • If the person collecting your child is not the the parent/carer, and we do not have their contact information, the School Director or School Manager must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the start of the school day.

  • Remain within the entrance corridor during school hours, and not enter classrooms without the approval and supervision of a teacher.

  • Make payments within 14 days of receipt of the invoice. We kindly ask parents to remember to put their full name, along with the first name of their child/children in the reference of the bank transfer. When using childcare vouchers, please first contact the School Director or the School Manager, giving the name of the voucher provider.

Behaviour that will not be tolerated:

  • Breaching school security procedures (e.g. entering classrooms without teacher approval and supervision).

  • Disruptive behaviour which interferes or threatens to interfere with the operation of a classroom, or any other area of the school premises.

  • Using loud or offensive language, swearing, using profane language or displaying temper.

  • Threatening to harm anyone in the school community.

  • Damaging or destroying school property.

  • Abusive, persistent or threatening emails, texts or any other written communication.

  • Defamatory, offensive or derogatory comments regarding the school or any of the pupils, parents or teachers, on social media sites. Any concerns must be raised to the School Director or School Manager, so that they can be dealt with appropriately, fairly and effectively for all parties involved.

  • The use of physical aggression towards another adult or child. This includes physical punishment against your own child on school premises.

  • The use of verbal or written aggression towards another adult or child.

  • Approaching someone else’s child in order to discuss or chastise them because of the actions of this child towards their own child. This may be seen to be an assault on that child and may have legal consequences.

  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol or any illegal substance whilst on school property.

Should any of the above behaviours occur on school premises, it might be necessary for the school to contact the appropriate authorities and consider banning the offending adult from entering the school grounds.

In the event of any parent/carer breaking our code, appropriate action will be taken as follows:

  • In cases where the unacceptable behaviour is serious and potentially criminal, the concerns will be referred to the Police. This includes threats, violence and harassment to anyone in our school community.

  • In cases where evidence suggests that behaviour would be tantamount to libel or slander, the school would refer the matter to the County Council Legal Team for further action.

  • In cases where the Code of Conduct has been broken, but the breach was not libellous, slanderous or criminal, the School Director will send out a formal letter to the parent/carer with an invitation to discuss the matter further, either in person or over the phone. If the parent refuses to participate in this discussion, they will be sent another letter outlining that the inappropriate behaviour must stop and that further instances of this could lead to a ban from the school premises. If the behaviour continues after this, a final letter will be sent stating that a ban is now in place. In more serious cases, a ban can be introduced without going through all the steps above.

Inappropriate use of Social Media:

  • posting photographs or videos of other pupils without the consent of each pupil’s parent;

  • naming children in incidences;

  • sharing confidential information regarding an aspect of school life;

  • making public allegations or accusations against teachers, parents or pupils;

  • publicly challenging school policies;

  • bringing the school in disrepute;

  • posting defamatory or libellous comments; and

  • sharing false news.

Pushkin’s School has a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/pushkinsschool) which allows you to view our news and upcoming events. We encourage you to participate in our brilliant community.

Thank you for taking the time to read our rules, procedures and expectations. Please print, sign and date the document below to state that you agree to comply with our Code of Conduct.